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សេវាសាធារណៈ និងការធ្វើឯកជនភាវូបនីយកម្ម

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ខ្លឹមសារលម្អិត៖ ទាញយកឯកសារ Public Services and Privatization

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Some Experiences on Intelligence of Individual Behavior which affects my working

As we have known, individual behavior is based on Nature and Environment. Nature is the one which stays inherently with us since we were born – it is personality characteristic. Beside the Physical, there is Intelligence in Nature which composed of two elements as (1) Cognitive – is intelligence within people who can analyze or have good reason, and (2) Social (Emotional) – is another one, such person is good in relation.

Here, I would like to share how it both (cognitive and social intelligence) impacts to real work place base on some experiences I did. Actually, a cognitive person is surely good at analysis to develop alternative or find solution. But it may uncertainly to get succeed in work or the management level for person who genes/holds this behavior. That causes poor interpersonal skill and does not build good relation between colleague, manager and subordinator. For instant, I experienced, I was a good at student at high school, and I always got high score and got 1st ranking in class every year even monthly. This performance, I could pass and studied at the best one Higher Education Institutions (HEIs – the Institute of Technology of Cambodia) in Cambodia. With this I was so strongly self-confident. For the result, however, after university (in 2004) I could not find any job corresponding my qualification and field of studies or job with high salary. Then I exited often from one organization to others, my working position was not promoted. It was still the beginning of work for me. By the end 2006, I passed the National Institute of Education (NIE) with one-year study there to become a teacher with higher education degree (for high school). This job is in fields of my intrinsic motivation; still I didn’t work while I succeed in exam to study at the Royal School of Administration RSA (to be civil servant). During training here (2007-08), I applied, and found new part time job as lecturer of public administration at an institution (HEIs). After RSA, I chose the work place in public functional framework at the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia. Means now, I find a satisfied job at ACC. Unfortunately I have lost my part time job from the above institution because of some impolite behavior of vice- director there. With my negative emotion that I was harboring un-forgiveness, I have not managed my emotion properly.

Therefore, people should make effective relate to others (social intelligence) and must be ability to identify, understand, manage emotion, and awareness of cross-cultural differences. I mean only intelligence (cognitive) maybe not enough; we confident ourselves but we do not adapt to the organizational setting or culture in work. It is the reason why such people are always failure in work. So we have to balance between Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). Moreover we are to forgive our enemies, not take an eye for an eye. This is the proper way to manage our emotions. We can choose to change the way we manage our emotions, we can do something about it! Forgive our trespassers, because by forgiving we don’t allow ourselves to build up angry emotions! Forgiveness clears our heart and mind and allows us the freedom to love.

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Photo ERA

This is the souvenir picture of ERA’s student, promotion “Rule of Law = នីតិរដ្ឋ”

Click to download: ERA pic

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Data Management on Windows Server 2003

This study focus on User & Group Account, User’s Environment, Disk Management, Data Management on Windows Server 2003 and the Guide to Install & Configue.

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Case Study on Southwest Airline 2010

This study focus on:

1. Case Abstract, 2. Propose a Vision Statement, 3. The company mission statement and mission statement proposed, 4. List the corresponding Mission Statement components, 5. Perform an External Audit, 6. Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), 7. The EFE Matrix, 8. Perform an Internal Audit, 9. The IFE Matrix, 10. TOWS Analysis, 11The SPACE Matrix , 12. The Grand Strategy Matrix, 13. The IE Matrix, 14. The Matrix Analysis and TOWS summary, 15. The QSPM, 16. The EBIT/EPS Analysis, and 17. The Recommendation.

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Business Statistic

Central Tendency, Dispersion, Correlation and Regression Analysis

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